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Hello, welcome to our home!

Here you will find simple recipes for things I (Greta) cook daily for my children, Luc + Colette (Lucolette), along with seasonal recipes for beverages that I don't serve them (those are for me), and other notions from our Seasonal Folk Modern Home.

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What is a Seasonal Folk Modern Home?

The easiest way for me to explain what is intended by that ‘title’, is to break it down , like the ingredients in a recipe:

Seasonal:  Our home fluctuates with the seasons.  Some of that is owed to the harvest cycles of the local farms that we buy from, however, in large part, our seasonality is driven by tradition.  With each season there is a set of anticipated family celebrations, rooted in memory, and greeted by the enthusiasm for new discoveries as we enjoy that season.


Folk:  People.  Our home is about people.  Us, our family, our friends, the local community and the global community.  In our daily living, we enjoy the traditional arts and culture of our ancestry along with the many folk that we have called friends.


Modern:  We are living now.  Some of what we do and how we do it is new: new tools, new methods, new insights, new combinations, new ways of creating.

Home:  Any place you dwell and share with loved ones.   


A little bit about me (Greta/Mama). 

I was born in Montana, where both my parents grew up on Central Montana ranches.  We eventually moved to Oregon, where I grew up in the Willamette Valley.  In my mid-20s I left Oregon and have lived in Nova Scotia, Missouri, Hawaii and California.  My professional career (how I make a living to support our home) has taken me to communities across the country and around the world.  It has been my honor to be welcomed to so many different tables for a meal and shared experiences.

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