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Beef Barbacoa with Lime Salted White Onion and Cabbage Tacos

This is my #2 go-to recipe for any large taco party. Beef can be ready and hot in a slow cooker beside a jar of the salted onions and a stack of warmed tortillas in a another slow cooker for quick guest 'help yourself' assembly.


4 pounds Beef Barbacoa

2 cups shredded Green Cabbage of any sort

12 regular – 24 street Corn Tortillas


  • Warm tortillas – I do this on a griddle, and store for heat in a lidded crock or tortilla warmer.

  • Assemble: top tortillas with beef, onions and cabbage.

NOTES: Add any other additional toppings to your own taste. Luc and Colette like them with sour cream and avocado added. I like mine simple with a little extra brine from the onions.


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